Data Privacy Platform

Safeguard your customers’ sensitive date

As seen within the DSU data security platform and risk assessments; ENCRYPTION (particularly Point to Point Encryption or P2PE) and TOKENIZATION are two of the most effective measures to protect and safeguard sensitive data in transit and at rest.  They have long been mainstays and the cornerstones of both Data Security Best Practices and Regulatory Standards.


Organizations within the U.S. and around the globe are now finding that failing to implement Encryption is a COMPLIANCE issue and can subject organizations to severe financial penalties as well as legal liability for failing to follow Privacy and Data Protection legislation.

DSU has partnered with Bluefin®, the preeminent leader in the Technology Security space to offer customers the ability to properly secure and protect important data like personal and health information.

In today’s digital age, more and more sensitive information is being entered via online forms and websites, making companies accepting this type of data targeted by hackers and cyber criminals.

At the same time, data privacy laws, including GDPR and CCPA, are requiring organizations to protect consumer information.

Bluefin’s ShieldConex® data privacy platform secures Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), and payment data entered online utilizing Bluefin’s proprietary SAFE™ (Shielded Access Form Element) tokenization and iFrame solutions.

Benefits of SheildConex®

Reduced Data Breach Threat

Pseudonymizes your sensitive customer data by replacing it with tokens, rendering a breach useless if one were to occur.

Vaultless Tokenization

Tokenize data through an algorithm, eliminating the need for a large database of token vaults, which pose breach risks and have longer latency.

Cloud-Based / Easy Implementation

Eliminate the need for a time-consuming, on-premise implementation with a cloud-based solution that can be implemented with an API and/or iFrame.

Bluefin-Hosted iFrame

Secure your organization further by collecting devalued data without the original data ever entering your environment.

Advanced Reporting

Comply with data security audits more easily through advanced reporting on your organization’s data masking activity and user sign-in.

Format-Preserving Tokenization and Encryption

Mask data via vaultless tokenization or hardware-based encryption and still preserve the format of the data to allow it to work with existing applications.

Data Security for Every Vertical

Protect all Personally Identifiable, Protected Health Information and Financial Information

Government/Utility | Business/Retail | Banking/Financial | Healthcare | Education


Easy to Deploy, Easy to Use

Unlike other data security systems, ShieldConex can be quickly implemented and deployed. Bluefin’s cloud-based solution can be issued remotely and is made up of three components, allowing for easy and flexible usage.

ShieldConex Manager

Set and manage the parameters for data that requires masking with this web-based administration portal.

Bluefin-Hosted iFrame

Leverage a Bluefin-hosted iFrame for customer data entry that devalues data upon submission. Because the iFrame is hosted by Bluefin, data never enters the organization’s environment.

ShieldConex APIs

Secure data upon submission and return data. Our API’s work across a wide range of use cases and can be leveraged for any application that writes to APIs.

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