Data Exposure Response & Remediation

Is your business fully prepared for a data breach, with a complete and robust Incident Response Plan?

Your business needs to be fully prepared with a comprehensive Incident Response Plan that can immediately be executed upon to protect your customers, employees and your reputation. Are you prepared?


An integral part of any Cyber Security Program calls for an Incident Response Plan – that works when you need it AND complies fully with the specific and unique laws and government regulations of each state, province and country where you are doing business.

When a data breach incident occurs, you need to be ready to implement a rapid and detailed response that’s not only legally compliant with data breach consumer notification but remediation requirements as well.

Given the intricacies and special requirements imposed for Incident Response Plans, DSU has partnered with Equifax®, the leader in Credit Monitoring and Data Exposure Incident Response. Equifax is uniquely positioned to provide a turnkey solution that combines Notification Options, an Incident Response Call Center, Credit Monitoring, and Identity Restoration.


The Equifax Turnkey Solution for Data Exposure Response & Remediation

Equifax offers a complete turnkey solution for businesses that have experienced a data breach. From breach notification through helping to restore your reputation, Equifax comes along side you with a complete solution.

Going Beyond Notification: A One-Stop Shop and Bundled Savings


Call Center

Credit Monitoring

Identity Restoration

It’s an unfortunate fact - data breaches are rampant. Make sure your business can respond with confidence by partnering with the leader in Credit Monitoring and Data Exposure Incident Response.

The protocols for Incident Response Plans are very specific and must align with regulations and laws. Equifax can partner with you to prepare you for the different requirements and components of a comprehensive Incident Response Plan – giving you confidence that you’re prepared for a data breach.

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